English Quickly and Correctly לחינם ABC חוברת פלאית

English Performance

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English Quickly and Correctly using the Incremental Development system teaches pupils to read and write English competently, within a few weeks. The ABC's manual teaches mastery in each phase of language acquisition; adding the smallest increment of new information, to build upon knowledge already perfected.

The student must believe he or she can succeed and progress. I found it helpful to explain that English works differently from the Hebrew language. To that end I have produced the Grammar manual with concise instructions and worksheets all available to print freely; certain the student will advance using them. You may wish to see for yourself; anyone can strengthen his or her grasp of English by learning the rules that one may inculcate using my grammar manual!

The four verb structures in English: Simple, Progressive (Continuous), Perfect (Complete), and the Passive serve to make statements and ask questions relative to place and time. The issue of asking questions using the infinitive, To Do, is discussed fully.

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